Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading in Chigwell Essex & London

Enhance your natural beauty with microblading semi-permanent make-up

Kerry is a semi-permanent make-up artist who specialises in Microblading and uses the top of the range equipment and pigments.

Kerry was recently awarded International Master Trainer for the Beauty Angels Academy. She is the first Beauty Angels Official Master trainer in the United Kingdom. Previously, Kerry has trained in the Harley Street and for other worldwide known academies including PhiAcademy

Her passion is to enhance your natural beauty without creating a fake looking result. Every treatment is bespoke to compliment each individual face shape and colour. Kerry understands that the beauty industry is continually evolving and wants to provide you with the latest treatments and natural enhancements.

For each treatment a free consultation is carried out beforehand.

Microblading By Kerry B

Kerry B | Manor Beauty’s Microblading Artist


Consultation must be booked before initial treatment to establish suitability.




Natural realistic hair strokes applied by hand method of tattooing. (Including a complimentary Top Up to be done between 4 – 6 weeks of the original treatment.)

Must be over the age 18. Suitable for MEN & WOMEN



Ombre Brows

Soft shadowing effect eyebrow tattoo by manual digital machine method of tattooing. Effect of more a make up look. (Including a complimentary Top Up to be done within 4 – 6 weeks of the original treatment.)



Combination Brows

Microblading technique and Ombre Manual Shading. Best of both worlds and more powdered in look. (Including a complimentary Top Up to be done between 4 – 6 weeks of the original treatment.)



Top Up

Refresh Top Up between 8 Months – 1 Year
For returning clients only.



Top Up

Refresh Top Up after 13 Months – 2 Years
For returning clients only.



Semi Permanent Facial Make-Up

Lip Blush & Neutralising

Adding pigment to give a more defined & colour look. Neutralising dark lips & hyperpigmentation. Lip blush is a cosmetic tattoo also known as semi permanent make up that gives a tint on lips. The results leave a soft colour that give an enhance lip symmetry, give an illusion that lips are fuller looking.

Please be patient and trust the process with healing & stages.



Beauty Spot

Adding pigment to your area of desired beauty spot.



Semi Permanent Make-Up Removal

Eyebrow Pigment Release

Manual pigment release targeting semi permanent make up on eyebrows that need to lighten up existing colour. Depending on how deep the pigment is this may need more than one session.



Microblading Before and After
Microblading Treatment
Semi Permanent Makeup Before and After
Semi Permanent Makeup
Microblading Brows

Kerry training Microblading students

Kerry was recently awarded International Master Trainer for Beauty Angels Academy.

The Microblading Process

Prior to Treatment

A consultation is required.

During your consultation a medical and consent form will need to be completed to ensure your suitability for the procedure. Throughout the procedure no other person is allowed in the treatment room.

The Treatment

Before starting the procedure a photograph is taken of the procedure area. This is confidential and will not be used without your permission. The photograph is taken to enable you to see your before and after look.

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ensure minimum discomfort during the process, whilst we wait for the area to become numb we will discuss the results you wish to achieve. Then assess the best colour for you from a selection of the finest grade pigments.

A make-up pencil is used to draw the desired shape, so you can approve the shape before the treatment begins to ensure the finished result is exactly what you want. When you are satisfied with the design this will be used as the template for the procedure.

The selected pigments are then implanted into the skin using a microblade.

After Treatment

A top-up treatment is highly recommended for best results, scheduled 4 weeks after treatment and within 8 weeks post procedure to boost your colour and perfect any final adjustments that may be necessary. This would ensure your semi permanent cosmetic treatment achieves the best results

Aftercare Advice

This is required to avoid germs, infections and to allow the area to heal. No face washing of the treatment area or long steamy showers is aloud to avoid irritation. These must be strictly followed so the treatment area can heal properly.

  • No sweating or excessive exercise for 7 days.
  • No botox, facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
  • Avoid getting the treated area wet for 7 days. You are aloud to wash face as normal but make sure brows are dry after.
  • No huge sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks.

Apply aftercare ointment 3 – 5 times a day for normal skin, 1 – 2 times on oily skin. Gently wipe the treated area with a aftercare wipe 2 hours after the procedure, allow the skin to dry and then apply a thin layer of the aftercare ointment.

Microblading Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

45 – 120 minutes

Recommended Sessions

1 + top up *


Patch Test Required


Consultation Required


Practitioner Level

Microblading Specialist

Lasting Effect

6 – 12 months


Some conditions *


Possible Side Effects

See information *

* see further details

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Five weeks ago I had microblading done and yesterday I had my top-up. The whole process was plain sailing and pain free. Kerry is professional and brilliant at what she does, my eyebrows look amazing! I am so glad I went ahead with it, do not let past experiences put you off.


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I had my eyebrows microbladed I was a bit nervous not having had anything like this done before but Kerry put me completely at ease and in fact I almost fell asleep during the process 🙂 which was completely painless. The cleanliness and hygiene at the Salon is very impressive. I have had so many compliments on my new brows, I am very pleased.


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Great rapport and felt comfortable with Kerry. I’m happy with my microblading and was kept Kerry listened to my needs and accommodated same.

I will definitely recommend her services.


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My eyebrows look amazing thank you Kerry x


Reviews verified by Phorest Salon Software

Excellent service explained everything step by step and made me feel very comfortable.


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