Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing in Chigwell Essex

We use the innovative Studex system to ensure your ear piercing is safe and gentle.

Studex Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing



Both | £30


Single | £25

Ear Piercing Questions

How long does it take for a ear piercing to heal?

A minimum of 6 weeks for pierced ear lobes and 12 weeks for ear cartilage piercings. You should only switch into new earrings after the suggested healing period.

What can I do to help my ears heal?

Clean the piercing area(s) with Studex After Piercing Lotion or Gel and rotate the piercing stud at least once a day. More frequent cleaning is necessary after excessive physical activity. Avoid touching the piercing area(s) whenever possible.

Brought my 12 year old for ear piercing. The salon was very clean and the lady who pierced her ears was very nice and put my daughter at ease. The piercings look good and so far seem to be healing well (after almost a week).


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Very pleased with my visit to you today. I have never been to you before but will definitely book some treatments in the future. I can’t remember the name of the therapist I had but she was very professional


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Habz was so good with my 12 year old daughter who came to have her ears pierced. my daughter is thrilled with the results and the salon experience in general. Thank you


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