Laser Skin Tightening NIR

Near Infrared

NIR Laser Skin Tightening—Alma Lasers Soprano Titanium

An anti-ageing treatment that restores the tone and tautness of the skin with no downtime, minimal discomfort and at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery

The Soprano Titanium Near-Infrared Skin Tightening laser is an effective treatment for improving skin laxity without surgery or downtime. The procedure uses a safe infrared light to heat the water content in the tissue deep below the skins surface causing collagen fibres to contract and tighten to smooth out fine lines and sagging skin. The heat also stimulates fibroblasts which repairs cells in your skin to produce new collagen, creating long term results.

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Single treatment (each area)



Courses of Treatments

Either looking to save on treatment cost or the treatment requires a number of sessions to achieve the expected result, we offer three discounted options.

We are happy to upgrade single treatments booked, to a course on the day of appointment.

We can offer 0% INTEREST FREE CREDIT for courses of treatments costing £500 or more.


10% discount

On a course of 3


1 free treatment

6 treatments for the price of 5


3 free treatments

12 treatments for the price of 9

Laser Skin Tightening Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

30 – 40 minutes

Recommended Sessions



Patch Test Required


Consultation Required


Practitioner Level


Treatment Interval




Possible Side Effects

None *

* see further details

Hetal is very caring and attentive, this was my 2nd treatment. Saw results after the first and staying. Hopeful this continues.


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Amazing service and treatments are top notch. Especially love the skin tightening laser and the LVL lashes.


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